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Menu & Pricing

*Travel charges may apply

"The Angelina"

Manicure & Pedicure

$125 (95 mins)


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Manicure   $75 (55 minutes)



Our signature manicure has it all.  Nails are thoroughly cleansed and filed to desire shaped.  Clipping if needed.  Full cuticle cleanse and cleanup, including under nail free edge. Feel good arm and hand massage with the perfect amount of pressure.  Finally, a 5 layer nail polishing or shiny buff of your natural nail. 48 polish colors to  choose from.


gel polish additional $15

Book 2 Manicures for $120

Our signature "Angelina" pedicure is the cream of the crop. We start with a warm foot soak in our heated tubs with disposable liners. Our technicians then thoroughly clean, file, and shape your nails to your desired wants. We take care of all those rough spots with a full foot and heel exfoliation. After that, an all natural sugar scrub is further applied to rid dry patches and soften new skin.  Feet are thoroughly rinsed, dried, and a full leg and foot massage is followed incorporating reflexology techniques. At last we finish with nail cleansing, buff, and polish of your choice.










Pedicure   $95 (65 minutes)



Book 2 Pedicures for $130

"The Drew Barrymore"


Manicure & Pedicure

$150 (135 minutes)

The "Drew Barrymore" is the ultimate in relaxation.  It's the perfect gift for that someone special or anyone who enjoys being pampered to the nines. Our service begins with a hot almond oil treatment in our heated thermal boots. As you sit in warm relaxation, a full manicure in performed with lots of massage time. After manicure is complete, we place feet in a warm lavender foot soak.  Lavender has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Our technicians then thoroughly clean your feet, and clip/file your nails to desired length. Since your feet have now soaked awhile, it's the perfect time to buff away all those rough spots and dead skin.  An  aloe sugar scrub further helps to rid dry heels and soften your feet. Scrub is then rinsed away and we begin a long and thoroughly relaxing foot and leg massage.  Time is spent rubbing and eliminating tension through the many flex points on your feet.  Finally, at last we cleanse your nails and apply polish of choice.









Classic French  $7


Gel Polish  $15

  • Wishing your polish would last longer?  Hope no more! With gel polish, colors last for upwards of 2 weeks and beyond, with a variety of colors to choose from. 


Gel Polish Removal  $10 

Hospital / Hotel Visits  $15 - $30

  • We will happily travel to any hospital or hotel to service your needs. This charge covers any parking fees and added time needed for hospital service. Additional traveling charges may be applied as well depending on your location



Glycolic Peel/Callous Remover  $20 

  • Add a 70% glycolic peel to your pedicure service. Glycolic is an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane. When it is applied to an area of the body with and overabundance of dead skin, it acts as an exfoliant. The glycolic dissolves dead skin cells all the while helping to replenish and moisturize new skin. The peel is concentrated yet easily neutralized with water. I recommend a peel to clients with cracked heels or severely dry and calloused feet.  


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