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How it all began.. and what people are saying

Triangle Nails was founded in June 2010 by North Carolina cosmetologist, Sonja Rose. Sonja grew up with a passion for nails. As a child she would attach paper clips to her fingers and run around the house pretending they were long gorgeous nails.  I'ts no wonder she would grow up to be a professional nail technician one day.

Sonja was born in northern California, and later relocated to Rhode Island and the Carolina's.

Sonja's been a licensed technician for over 10 years, and began her mobile career catering exclusively to senior clients. She's traveled to retirement communities, nursing homes, rehab centers, and worked one on one with hospice patients in their homes where she provided on site nail care. It was from these experiences that Triangle Nails was born.

"I really saw a need for a mobile salon" Sonja states. "I saw how wonderful it was for my senior clients and thought everyone should be able to enjoy this.  We all need and deserve some pampering in our lives and what better way than with manicures and pedicures in the comforts of home."

It took months of research and planning for Sonja to make this mobile business a reality.  There is no company out there that provides ready made kits for mobile salons. She had to create, find, and piece together all the traveling equipment herself. The equipment not only needed to function properly, but most importantly it had to be comfortable for both client and technician.  After all the time and hard work, Sonja is proud to say she accomplished her vision.

Sonja and her team of specialists are top of the line and truly love what they do. "We love to make people happy", says Sonja. "Knowing we've made a positive impression in the lives of others makes everything worth it"


Not only does the staff at Triangle Nails care about their clients, they also strive to be the best at what they do. "We are constantly testing and experimenting with all the newest products and inventions the nail world has to offer. We not only want to pamper you, but we want to be the best in the industry," says Sonja.


Sonja loves being mobile as it provides her time and flexibility to pursue her artistic passions.



Marla, S.

Cary, NC

Being a new mom to twins it is extremely hard to get out of the house these days.... I was given a birthday mani/pedi from Triangle Nails and what an experience! I was able to get pampered all from the comfort of my home. It was both relaxing yet extremely professional. I would highly recommend Triangle Nails to all new moms, moms to be, or anyone who enjoys the luxury and convenience of having these services come to them!

Lynn, H

Wendell, NC

What an ingenious idea to have a mobile nail salon! The evening before my wedding all my girls came over and we had our nails done. Sonja and her staff were prompt, professional and catered to each of us. We had a blast hanging out in the comfort of home while being pampered at the same time. As a matter of fact, we had such a good time we are talking about making this a monthly "girls night" event! 

Sam, G

Durham, NC

"My girlfriend recommended I get a pedicure. Like any other straight male I continued on, telling her there's nothing wrong with my feet. Finally I fell victim to her persistence and all I can say is WOW. I don't have much experience in spas, but nothing beats being pampered on your own couch. Triangle Nails would make a great surprise or gift for the significant other even if it's a guy. Sonja was super professional. I highly recommend her services to all"

Susan, S.C

Raleigh, NC

I love Sonja! What a great treat! Mani/pedi in the comfort of my home. Working with someone who truly cares about the client and what's best for them. Love it love it love it love it.... she made me feel better than I have in weeks!

Casey, P

Raleigh, NC

I had the best pedicure of my life and all in the comfort of my own home - LOVE Triangle Nails!!! I work on my feet the majority of the day so they can get pretty achy by nighttime - after the pedicure (that included an amazing leg/foot massage) my feet felt like they were floating on air! I love that they bring everything - no need to worry - they have it covered. And a great polish selection to boot. Highly recommend!!

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